Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mama's Medicine Chest: Miracle Skin Salve


It's rare a day goes by that we don't use Miracle Salve on something. It's affectionatly called bo-bo cream at our house, sometimes accompanied by a lot of wailing and tears. Some friends were over and while the men were talking my friend's husband got stung by a wasp. The Man said, "Oh we've some....stuff...that work great on that." He couldn't think of what it was really called and didn't want to tell another grown man we could give him some Bo-bo cream *smile*.
 I first tried this product for diaper rash, because one of the girls had a persistant case and any of the standard diaper rash creams made it SO much worse. It worked great, and slowly I found out just how MANY things it works great for.
  • Sunburn
  • Bee/wasp/hornet- I usually  swell up and hurt for days, but that last time I put Miracle Salve on it and finished cleaning out the car and had no other issues.)
  • Rashes- I've heard it works great on poison ivy, but haven't experienced that ourselves.
  • Dry skin- It won't make my eczema go away, but it will calm and sooth it.
  • Bruises- Can't begin to tell you what a HUGE difference this makes, especially if you get it on there quick. Often the bruise doesn't even appear.
  • Ant bites, and other bug bites- The girls and I have all gotten into ant hills this summer, you don't know the burn unless you've been there. I quickly wipe them all off in the yard and then run with the screaming child to get bo-bo cream.
  • Razor burn 
Basically I use it on any skin problem that isn't oozing or bleeding and have seen great results most every time. I have learned that if it's a bruise or a bite the longer you take before you apply, the less affective it is. I've melted some down in a glass measuring cup, in a crockpot of water and then poured into chapstick tubes that I keep in my purse, so we always have some around. I use it a lot on my lips and on my face too if it's very dry. My sister had a break out on her face and she tried everything she could think of to make it go away, and nothing worked till she tried miracle salve.

I like to just buy my salve, but you can make a similar salve yourself if you are interested. Check it out here.
You can click on the Miracle Salve banner at the top of this post to buy the pre-made salve that we use. If you buy it through this link or the banner for Beeyoutiful at the side our family get a portion for the sales. Don't feel obligated to buy anything though. I have simply been so pleased with that products that I am always telling people about them, and when I found out I could get some money back for telling other people about them, I decided I would.
I have been buying from Beeyoutiful for about 5 or 6 years. The owners are a Christian couple, and are so helpful. You can call and ask  them questions about supplements, how and why to take them, and what would be best for you to take, and if they don't have the answer they will research it and get back to you. You can waste a lot of money on low quality suppliments, that your body can't even absorb because they are synthetic. GMO products are used in some supplements, in fact it's thought that the first deaths (in 1989) linked to GMO products was due to genetically modified bacteria used in the supplements. Most (if not all...I haven't check) of their suppliments are from whole food sources, and the owners have the same quality standards for their supplements that I have, but their prices are very reasonable. If nothing else you want to request one of their catalogues, which is more like a free semi-annual magazine, full of really helpful and informative articles. They usually send out two a year at least. And you can read the old one's on-line.
And if you are without Miracle Salve and someone and get a snake, ant, bee bite look around for some Plantain. My understanding is that it grows in all 50 states, I see it in most lawns, and I've read it will stop even a rattle snake bite...though personally I would be putting some on as we drove to the hospital. You just grab a leaf, chew it up, and put it right on the bite or bruise. Just a good thing to know about if you didn't already.
Best of health to you all!


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