Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merriest Christmas

Are you having a wonderful holiday? I pray you are! I can't help feeling so very blessed as I slow down for the holidays. God has been so generous with us (despite the fact we are technically homeless and without any regular income), and worked through so many different people to bless us in this strange season of our lives. I couldn't even begin to thank them all. I know there are some hard days ahead of us; I know it. But you know what? "Hard times" don't mean you aren't ridiculously blessed. I'm still so blown away at how God is providing for us. We had another appointment today for the babies, and everything is still wonderful with them. I'm almost as big as a nine month pregnant person, lol. Can you believe it? I still do feel pretty good though, praise God! Lots of growing and sleeping and eating going on. And Christmas is really the perfect time for these activities.
Meanwhile The Man and a couple of members of his family have been really working away on the house. This was the progress by the 20th:And we have this great foot bridge (our Christmas present from The Man's parents) installed over the stream to the barn- where all the house supplies are.
I was able to go out to the land myself and see our new walls in person for the first time today.
And The Man and I had our first meal in the house together!Below is the view from our dinning room/kitchen windows. We've got a lot of windows-lol. But we got almost all our windows from a building salvage place, and tried to work with what they had is stock.And this was the progress by the time I left this afternoon. When The Man (and "crew") left at the end of the day today all the walls, interior and exterior where up! How great is that? I'm so excited about it all I can hardly stand it. It was so amazing to actually stand in the house plan I have been looking at and working over on paper for the last few months. I know it's going to be small, very small, but standing in it and walking through the rooms I couldn't help but feel confident that we'll be able to make it very comfortable. A happy little nest.May God rain down blessings on you all too!
Merry Christmas

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