Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to make sweet potato slips

This post is courtesy of my mum, who taught me how to do this, and don't worry, its very easy. Cut the sprouted ends off of some sweet potatoes. And stick the cut end in some water. Change the water when it starts looking icky, and make sure it doesn't run out of water, but besides that leave them pretty much alone (a thought just occurred to me that we don't have "city" water, so there is no chlorine in our water...I have no idea if this makes a difference). After a while they will start to look like this (its not required to be near a sink full of dirty dishes), with lots of nice green leaves.

When you have some roots on the outside of the potato, at the base of the nice green leaves its time for this little plant to leave the nest. All you do is push gently at the base of the little plant until it pops off the potato, with it's little roots and all.  Then take this new little plant and put it in some water to encourage more root growth, and when it has lots of nice little roots and your ground is ready, plant it. The end.

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  1. I had tried something similar to this (except with lots more holes involved) and set them under the grow lights in the basement with the rest of my seedlings, but all I grew was a lot of uncontrollable mold and the accompanying smell. I wonder if all the holes, or the artificial light, or even the chosen potatoes played into that? This year I tried the method from the Backyard Homestead (chunks of potato in wet peat moss) and had my first sprout curl up the day you emailed me. If this doesn't pan out, I'm thinking if it wouldn't be easier to just stick a short season one (Georgia Jets are 90 days I think) and let them grow that way. We threw some in the compost and they sure took off there is all I know. Thanks for posting this! (And for posting the cake recipe- it sounds so delicious I sent Hannah out to the barn to search for the duck nest so we could make it today or tomorrow. She didn't find any duck eggs -she might be molting- but she did find a nest of 30!! other eggs in a bale of hay :D