Thursday, June 11, 2009

So Enchanted with You

I heard this poem read by the author, 66 year old Nikki Giovanni, on The Splendid Table and it caught my fancy. I think we all need a little more poetry in our lives...poetry we can understand. In the interview she said, "I love a love poem, makes me smile...I mean there's nothing sillier on earth than falling in love."

I like
Boiled turnips
Boil potatoes
Boiled rutabagas
with butter
and sea salt
But not every day

I like
Fried Virginia flounder
Fried sand dabs
Fried smelts
But usually only on Friday nights

I want
Drop biscuits
Miniature Parker House rolls
Extra thin white bread
When I uncharacteristically
make a sandwich

I like
Garlic straight off the vine
Anchovies any time
And good red wines
'cause I'm too old
to drink cheap

I like to pound and grill my veal
I rub my beef
In a special chili mixture
I really don't eat
anyone else's ground meat

In other words:
I'm Normal

So this is the question:
Why am I so enchanted
with you

I love that food and love are so mixed up here, cause really they always are for me. Before we dated I would lure The Man into hanging out with promises of chocolate chip waffles. I think he fell in love with those before he fell in love with me. I still love cooking for him; coming up with dinners that supprise and please him while still living within our budget, pouring over sale papers, blogs and recipie books to concoct the perfect menu for the week, and glowing when he takes pride in these little gifts of mine. I never eat as well when he is gone; things are always so hurried, and cooking for me has turned into a way to show him how much I love him. It seems empty when he is gone. Many things do. Say a prayer for The Man though, there are tests today and he's been running fever for almost a day now. Lord willing we'll be together tommorrow, and I can baby him to my heart's content.

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  1. What a gorgeous photo! And I also love cooking for my man :-) know what...I love cooking for myself too!