Monday, March 8, 2010

Little moments big day

I slept between every feeding until 4pm when I finally managed to get dressed and the day felt like a complete loss...Especially since I had heard rumors that this was going on outside.
But thankfully the last part of the day made up for it. We had a bath today (as in the children. Me? Bath? Ha ha ha).
Think these girls might be a little different? You have NO idea!
And our first ride in the stroller. Dad and I proudly walked them up and down the driveway.
And it was so nice we got to do a feeding OUTSIDE! Praise God the sun still shines!
And now here I sit, tired but fulfilled. I fixed dinner for the first time since b-day! And Penn and I had an epic battle of the wills that lasted over an hour...but I think I have won. Both are peacefully asleep, Praise God for his mercy. And we started cloth diapering today. It's enough. More than enough. I'm off to the living room...and room I have hardly seen in just sit...and breathe...and drink water so I can keep my milk supply up.

Oh, and btw- God blessed us all with FOUR HOURS of solid sleep between feedings last night! Can't ask for much more than that!

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