Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Power of God

I have missed blogging so much! You know when I lay in bed at night, if I can't sleep, I think of all the posts I would like to write and just how I would word things. Isn't that funny? I've had a half written post I've been trying to finish for almost a month now, but it's been giving me fits...a little bout of writer's block I guess *grin*. And "real" life takes up SO much time these days. But I've decided to stay up a little late tonight and share what's on my heart tonight.
Some times the power of God can be shown to us in the simplest things. It's been very dry in our part of the country these last few months. I was talking with one of the farmers at church and after hearing how hard they were working due to lack of rain I told her I would be praying for rain. That was about two weeks ago I started praying about that. I had heard several people say that we were in for some weather, but it wasn't until we woke up at 1am to the most rockus (I think I made that word up, but it seems like such a good word and you know just what I mean by it and that is the point of words so oh well) thunder storm that I realized God was answering my prayer. I never can listen to thunder without thinking of poor Job and the some of the first words God spoke to him out of the whirl wind, "Brace yourself like a man, and I will question you and SHALL answer me!" Ouuu gives me shivers just thinking of it. And then I jump from that right to, "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom." So I just lay in bed glorying in the bigness of God and His AWESOME power, and that despite the fact that He is mightier than the most amazing display of power I know (thunder and lightning) he likes for me to pray to Him! How amazing is that? So the next day when I got up I decided that I would pray for God to make my internet work again, as it had mysterious stopped worked on just one of our computers and I really had no idea what to try to make it work again. I knew he might have some good reason for saying no but I decided I would just ask Him that the next time I booted up the computer that it would just work. Wouldn't you believe it! that just how it happened! Well I had to let out a whoop I just so tickled, lol. So that night when I discovered and I had the beginning of ANOTHER breast infection (I've had almost a dozen now) it was hard for me to pray with faith and ask for Him to just take it away in the night after I spent the evening working on it. I had to remind myself of all the ways God has helped me in the last few months and years. I thought back to the birth and how faithful He was to me then and all the ways he helped us since and did the very best I could to fight off demons of doubt. Wouldn't you know it I woke up the next morning and the lump was gone!

"If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!" Matt 7:11

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