Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy days

I was changing one baby's diaper and keeping an eye on the other baby, who had wandered into the bathroom. I usually keep the door shut, since it doesn't seem like the best place to be crawling around, so it was as temping as a new playground. All the sudden in the middle of the diaper change I became aware of the sound of splashing water. I turned my head sharply and gasped! The culprit's grinning proud face quickly turned to tears as I abandoned the baby at the changing table and drug her from the toilet. Not a good practice I know, but seriously what else can you do when you find your eleven month old swimming elbow deep in the toilet?
While I finished the diaper change I kept the little screaming culprit from sucking her finger (her self-soothing mechanism, which REALLY made her scream) with my foot. I whisked her off for a bath in the sink as soon as everyone was in a safe place. I've been trying to form the habit of keeping one side of the sink clean at all times for just such an emergency. Boy did it pay off today!The girls stay busy busy all day, and I do too. This is the only cabinet in the kitchen they are allowed to play in.I double-dog-dare you to find anything sweeter than a sleeping baby, especially when the baby is yours and a twin!While the little ones were (and are still) down for a nap I ran outside to set up a compost bin. I know, makes me sounds like wonder-woman, don't you believe it. I just rolled some old tires that were left on the land to a different corner and stacked them up. I was just sick of throwing away my food scraps and knowing how great they would be for my garden this spring. You should have seen me running across the yard rolling tires in the snow, lol. Afterward I checked the mail and was delighted to find one of my long ago requested seed catalogs. So while everyone is still sleeping I'm going to go hide in the bed room and pour over it. Sure life can be hard, is hard, but you just have to grab hold of the little happy moments and hang on! BLESSINGSc


  1. Thank you for sharing your day! I love and miss you


  2. Alyssa was a toilet diver, too. She has always loved the water, so toilets and dog bowls were always a source of enjoyment for her and stress for me. :)