Friday, May 11, 2012

The Day to Day and How to make Wonderful stove top Popcorn

Mixed Salad greens in the garden.
Checking out the new chick coop ie: The Chicken Palace. 
  My mom planted black raspberries for us last year. We would have a lot more except for the fact that before we could get them trellised the dogs decided they looked like good chew toys, chew off the long thorny stems. Go figure. Really frustrating since you have a wait a whole year after planting to get any berries at all. May next year we'll get a good yield.
Lunch: smoothies, popcorn and Winnie the Pooh. I learned the perfect way to pop corn on the stove for the cookbook, "How to Cook Everything" which incidentally I highly recommend. Anyway. Use two tablespoons of fat for a 1/2 cup of popcorn seed. Heat the fat (bacon dripping or coconut oil give it a lovely flavor) in a covered pan on medium heat with three seeds in it. When they pop put the rest of the seeds in. If you want to make kettle corn, add a tablespoon or so of sugar at this point. It should take around five minutes from here. Shake it every once in a while, and take it off the heat when the popping slows. If your pop corn seed isn't popping well, it's gotten too dry. Put it in the fridge and it will pop better next time. If I had a microwave I would do this.
"Besides Pooh, it's a very difficult thing, planting, unless you know how to do it," he said, and he put the acorn in the hole he had made, and covered it up with earth, and jumped on it."
"I do know," said Pooh, "because Christopher Robin gave me a mastershalum seed and I planted it, and I am going to have mastershalums all over the front door."
"I thought they were called nasturtiums," said Piglet timidly, as he went on jumping.
"No," said Pooh, "not these. These are called mastershalums."

Have a blessed week and go read some "Pooh Winnie BEAR!" as one of my girls says. It puts a smile on my face every time.

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