Thursday, June 21, 2012

To Do: 1) Keep everyone alive 2) Don't loose my temper

The girls watching a real educational movie: Winnie the Pooh.

Some days are hard. Sometimes you just have to sound the retreat, fall back to The Fort, and stop trying to "Take over the World" as Pinky and the Brain would say. Some days are hard, and you have to let go of the extras to make them easier. And there is NO shame in that. Especially if you are doing your best.

And if you embrace it gracefully you can find it's rather nice at The Fort and you might even get a nap *grin*. While in The Fort I find it very helpful to:
  • Smile, even if I have to fake it...I soon find my heart following
  • Focus on the things I can do, little jobs one at a time
  • Sing hymns
  • Snuggle up on the couch and read books to my girls, I'm talking for an hour or more at a time. Keeps them learning, us connected, and the house from getting dirtier.
  • Stop ANY complaining and focus on things I am thankful for
  • Ask for help
Yes, dear friend. THIS is my garden. LOL Looks a bit more like confused lawn. The other half of the garden is a bit more mulched and managed, but I couldn't get enough hay to mulch this side in time, so now I just go in with a weed-wacker when I have time and cut all the weeds down. But it's giving us food, and that's what counts, right?
May the Lord bless you all with grace! c


  1. Right on! I have to intentionally focus on joy and thankfulness or I find myself a complaining mess.

  2. The sheer honesty of this post is a comfort to me.
    I believe we have the same wood stove. :)

    1. Really? We have really enjoyed this wood stove, and were blessed to get it used at a good price, after praying for it for quite a while. It is a pain for chop the wood so small though.

  3. ♥ Animaniacs!!!!! (Well I don't know if I would now, but I sure did when I was a teen.)

    The weeds are slowly taking over my unmulched beds since my hoe broke. I bought a new product called Hooke n Crooke that looks fantastic and I can't wait to get it & try it out. I didn't order straight from the manufacturer because they're out of stock so right now I'm at that nervous inbetween stage of ordering where they have my money, but I haven't heard anything from them yet and I'm just hoping it surprises me by showing up sometime soon. It's a little more expensive, but I have high hopes for their quality.

    1. I hate that in-between phase of paying and shipping from a new company. I look forward hearing if it works well for. I'm hoping to get out in the morning with the weed wacker and not kill too much of our food and just the weeds!

    2. I love you and the girls! I'm glad you can take those moments and read to my sweet girls. It does get hectic with the day to day and I find myself having to let one or two things go and focus on getting less done in a day than I would like. I would love to be there and help! I love you girl!


      Oh, tell P I love the masonry. He's so talented!

    3. Just coming back for an update. I especially like that #2 is worded as "Don't loose your temper" I'm not sure if that was purposeful but I know you :-) but it is totally accurate because I should not loose my anger on others but restrain it back as best I can, b/c most of the time it is selfishly warranted and most of the time sin quickly follows behind.

      Ephesians 4:26

      "Be angry, and yet do not sin..."

    4. Well, since you haven't left me a clue, I don't know you, lol, but it was worded that way, because this was literally my to-do list for a few days.

    5. It's me ~B that left that message :D