Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I wreck my car yesterday. Yep. Wasn't part of the plan. Yes, I'm fine.
Looked up in the rear view mirror in tight 5'oclock traffic
Looked back at traffic
AHHH they are stopped!
Slam on the brakes
Crunched the front bumper and hood and radiator and one of the belts and don't know what else. Dented the bumper of the car in front of me. Managed not to cry until The Man was driving me home, and then big crocodile tears one by one ran down my face. I hate all the trouble one moment can cause, insurance, repairs, towing it home, getting back and forth to work. *sigh* But one thing I found out of all this that The Man is really The Man. Never yelled at me and didn't even get frustrated, held my hand and wiped away all my tears, told me that all that mattered was that I was safe (when it certainly didn't feel like that was all that mattered). What a blessing it is to have someone there to pick up the pieces and hold you together when your world falls apart.


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  2. oh dear!
    let me know if you need anything - I'll def. be praying that repairs and such go smoothly and I am so glad you are okay.