Thursday, September 3, 2009

LOL- unbelievable

Know what this is? Well yeah, I mean everyone knows that it's an ultra sound, but do you know what it is? Maybe not so much? Well. Let me just tell you allll about it. See when I went in for my appointment last week, not everything was routine. They went to examine me and immediately declared that my uterus was too big...which they told me meant one of two things. A) I was at about 20 weeks instead of 12/13 or B) I was carrying multiples. LOL Before they even had the words out of their mouth, I knew it was twins. I just knew. The Man has been joking about having twins (which run in his family-a fact he neglected to mention till after we were engaged) since about the time we got married (which I told him again and again was NOT a funny joke). Since The Man wasn't with me at the appointment last week, I got to call him and tell him the news. I couldn't say the word twins without tearing up. I don't know why really; it wasn't sadness for sure. He immediately started giggling and then laughing, "Aww this is greeeat; this is awesome baby!" and then a pause and in a very sweet almost apologetic voice, "I love you baby."

So today we had the ultrasound, and after waiting over an hour in the room with the magic machine the doctor finally came in and immediately, as soon as that wand was on me we could all see two babies, clears as day, which is what you see in the top pic, except it's probably not as clear as day. The little blurb on the right is a head and the little blurb on the left is an abdomen. They both measure just the way they should with good heartbeats and everything. Oh and they were moving their little arms and legs and turning their heads. I swear, the most amazing thing I've ever seen; the idea that there could be two little people in there doing their little people things and all I have to show for it is a little bump...almost like a speed bump on my lower tummy just floors me! The second picture if you can't tell is one of the babies in profile (they call them Baby A and Baby B...this is Baby B a little higher up and on my right hand side) with his hands towards the middle of the image. So, if you are a praying person, and at all inclined to take the time to pray for us, here is what we are asking people to pray for: 1) That neither baby would be breach when they are ready to be born. We'll do a c-section if we have to, but we would rather do it the old fashion way, if the Lord wills. 2) That I will carry these babies till at least 36 weeks. This way there will be no preemie complications. 3) That I won't have to go on bed rest, cause that would just drive me crazy. So yeah, this is without question the year of big news-lol Blessings!c
(btw- I have always always said, for years and years, that I couldn't have twins. God knows what I am capable of and I just can have twins. Well, shut my mouth!)


  1. AHHHHHHHHH! I'm so excited for you! That is awesome news! My mom always said that if a girl's gonna have twins, she should have them first, that way every baby after that seems like a breeze =) How cool!

  2. well, i am speechless! I will definitely lift you all up in my prayers.... you are gonna need 'em (wink!). Glad to hear you are feeling better! And thanks for a tidbit of a baby bump pic in the last post... i liked that picture! It was sweet.

  3. Congratulations! I don't know if this is exactly what Jesus was talking about, but this verse popped into my head: "...and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap."
    And I am continually amazed at your photos. It's as if you're not taking them, but there's somebody else hovering around catching the moment. But I know that camera has to be your hands somewhere....or are you using one of those wiggly legged tripods?
    Anyway...we'll be thinking about ya'll
    Aunt B

  4. Wow!! That's so exciting! Love you and miss you guys!

  5. aunt b- I'm glad the pics look so effortless. It means I'm hitting my mark :) But I almost made The Man late the morning I took the pic in the previous post.