Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little over 19 weeks

knitting for the twins
Knitting matching sweaters for the twins

Things have been busy around here. The Man came home from his last school with a cold, that of course he passed on to me, because as my mom said we were "all kissy face", lol. Being sick and unable to take anything for it pretty well stinks. It seems that I am warding off a case of bronchitis though, praise God! My cough is still pretty bad, but appears to be getting a little better each day. I had a prenatal exam Friday of last week and the midwife says that everything looks great. A week before the visit I didn't feel like I grew much but I'm growing like gang-busters now, and I have to say I rather like. I like knowing those babies are doing okay and so am I.
knitting for the twins
I can't put my finger on why but these b&w pics completely remind me of some old pics take when the family came to meet me after I was born and came home from the hospital. I'll have to so see if I can find some of them and upload them to the blog.

We have officially started the building process! We've been finalizing the plans (which I am drafting up), getting material price quotes, staking out the house site, requesting building permits and ALL that stuff. It's fun and exciting! We are praying that our savings takes us a long way, as we are committed to building without any loans, so that we can be freer (is it freer or more free?) to do and give more with our lives and assets. Lots of people have offered to help build and for that we are very grateful (as long as they come through anyhow, lol). I look forward to seeing what God has planned for us in this building process. It's pretty overwhelming right now. I'll start posting pics of the whoooole process as soon as we have something to show. Till then you can check out this link to take a peek at the plans our house is based off of. There are several small changes we are making to this plan. It's VERY small, but we look forward to the material diet (ie less stuff) it will force us to go on, and we're excited about the whole idea of living well smaller. For months I've been scouring the internet for storage and decorating ideas in small spaces. There's lots of dreaming going on right now in our corner of the world. Praise God for dreams and people to dream with!

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