Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lots of building projects

I have been spending most of my days and m&d's (mom and dad's). But yesterday I needed I break, and The Man asked me to come out to the land with for the day with him, which turned out to be just the change of scenery that I needed. I had the most wonderful day.
It was all misty and lovely in the morning when we got there, and I just sat on a pile of contrete blocks, knitting (I also dropped one of my needles down one of the holes in the large stack of cement blocks and The Man had to stop and fish it out for me), reading, and watch The Man work. The birds out there are amazing, singing and warbling all over the place. It makes me so happy to think we're going to be living on this lovely place.The Man has made wonderful progress. In this pic you can see that the footings are all dug, mainly through the aid of a neighbors tractor. Later in the day I was even able to help tie up the re-bar for the footings, which made me happy, because I wanted to be able to say that I helped build the house too-lol.Here's a pic of how the re-bar is tied up to little stakes, in case you aren't familiar with the process. This way when the concrete is poured the re-bar is perfectly in the middle of the footing. The county inspector came out and said it was best work he had seen in a while (yahh! for The Man!) and we were all clear to pour the footings. One inspection down, three more to go! Our county inspects new construction in four phases: footing, foundation, framing and FINISHED. The concrete is schedule to be delivered today. We are also supposed to get some rain today, but it hasn't come yet, and hopefully it will hold off till they get everything set. God was so good in giving us just enough sunny days to get this work done before the rain comes back.
Our neighbours have been an incrediable blessing to us during the building process, helping The Man with all kinds of little things. You should have seen them as they helped him put up the bracing for our temporary electric pole, lol. It was like The Three Stooges! God bless our crazy neighbors! It's so nice to be getting to know them well, and say things like, "Oh yes, those are Old Joe's cows. You wouldn't believe how much he paid for them!"and you really wouldn't.
building projects
Meanwhile "back at the ranch", as my dad likes to say, I keep chipping away at my own building project...or should I say projects...
Blessings! c


  1. Oh my gosh, that looks like fun! I wish I could be out there helping him. Those are wonderful pictures!


  2. Hehe, Old Joe's cows. I cannot wait to come visit this lovely place!

  3. c, It looks amazing! He is really working hard on it. Your belly is growing beautifully, I just love that last pic of you two on this entry. See you soon!


  4. wow.... that belly is growing!! yay!