Saturday, October 17, 2009


Even thought both The Man and I wanted a boy and a girl, I’ve found myself very excited over the idea of girls. For whatever reason twin girls seem less intimidating to me than just the idea of twins did. I feel like I know what to do with girls, which makes the idea of The Man’s next deployment more bearable. I know all about tea parties, and baby dolls, and that Anne is spelled with an “e”. And ohh the cute things to do for two little girls. One of my dear friends told me about this pattern available on Ravelry (a great website for knitters and crocheters, with lots of free patterns and other neat stuff). (copyright Kate Davies-she is the designer of this pattern called "owlet" for more info)

Couldn’t you just EAT two sweet little girls with sweaters like that on??? So I’m ordering the pattern today, cause I just can’t stand it. There is a free grown up girls pattern of this sweater too. And I love the idea of having one for myself also, but even with all the time I have right now to sit still and do something like knit, I’m pretty sure that won’t happen.

Despite all the incessant cloudy, rainy, drizzly, depressing weather I have been getting all kinds of things done these day. I must be in a nesting phase, though I have never really understood what exactly that means, lol. With Mom’s help, I have been canning apple sauce, and pear sauce, getting ready to make pear-apple jelly, we even made a large batch of burritos, tortillas and all, from scratch. A lot of work, but they are so good, cheep, healthy, and filling. The Man has been getting a lot done for the house too, even though he’s out of town right now. We finally have all the permits, the driveway is in, and the foundation is all laid out. I hope to have time for a more detailed update on all this stuff soon. Have a blessed weekend! c

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