Monday, December 7, 2009

Building update

We passed our foundation inspection on the last day of November :) Happy happy day I must tell you. The Man (who had the blessing of his dad's help Tuesday through Friday of last week) spent Tuesday prepping and cleaning the barn to store our lumber delivery. Yep, so this is our house, some assembly required. They managed to get the sill plate, floor girder and all the floor joists installed before I could get out there to take any picture, so this is a shot of the underside from the crawlspace door.
And this?....drum roll please! This how far they got by the end of the day Friday! The Man built me a floor! And I walked on it too! Isn't it just the most lovely thing you have ever seen? And completed in such a short amount of time, for just two guys, don't you think?
You know what comes next don't you? WALLS! Unfortunately we're on hold for a week, while The Man is (again) out of town. It's starting to get exciting though! Blessings!c
P.S. That white-ish stuff you see on the ground is snow. How great is that? It snowed on our land. Makes me dream of the day we'll be sitting in this little house watching the snow come down snuggled up on a couch, with a fire...and probably a little someone crying in the background or needing a diaper changed or something- lol.


  1. That is a beautiful floor! Lol. Can't wait to see the whole thing (in person)!