Wednesday, February 3, 2010

36 weeks

You know, I found out a little while back that 38 weeks is considered full term for twins. And that just tells you how close we are now. We had the ultrasound yesterday and I would say all things considered the results are good, and I still feel such a peace about it all. Thank you so much for the prayers! We have one head up and one head down, and that is a very workable situation. So right now I'm doing the best I can get to rest and prep at the same time. I've been washing all the baby clothes, organizing the room, starting to pack for the birth, finishing up thank you cards, buying those little odds and ends things that I still need, all that kind of stuff. If I have the time and energy I'll try to post some pics of some of my recent progress, but I'm not making any promises. Between all that there has been lots of sleeping late, naps, and reading (I'm already through two and half novels!). Generally speaking I'm still feeling very good and getting around just fin; God has been good! I'd say we are offically in the calm before the storm now. Blessings!c


  1. I'm praying praying praying!!!

  2. definitely in the calm before the storm! The storm will be such a blessing though! Your belly makes me want to give you a hug... bless your heart... it has to be TIGHT in there! When i had one in there, i was mentally done at this point, so you are in great spirits! We will keep the prayers goin' up!

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