Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mama-made-easy: Muesli

I've been wanting to share a yummy easy breakfast dish that has served us so well in our busy, hot, summer days.Muesli is basically a soaked oatmeal, which is great since it doesn't heat up my kitchen first thing in the morning. I measure out my oatmeal according to the serving size on the box and add in coconut, cinnamon and dates (I'm not a huge dates fan, but both The Man I really enjoy them in this dish) and then pour about half as much water [correction: I thought that looked funny when I first typed it up...I typically used a little less than the same amount of water] into the bowl as there is oatmeal. You'll have to play with the amount of water you use, and change it to fit your taste. I like mine dryer, where the flakes are kind of individual and not mushy. Then cover it with a towel and leave it out to soak overnight (that's the other trick, remembering to do it before you go to bed). Then in the morning I dish it up into bowls and top it with fresh fruit (berries, peaches, and bananas are all wonderful) give it a squirt of local honey and pour milk over it just like you would box cereal. You can also try topping it with yogurt. It's a great alternative to boxed cereals as it's cheaper, healthier, and more filling. Just a little idea from my busy world to yours. Blessings!c
P.S. Click here for a link to another muesli recipe you might try.


  1. another variation on this type of muesli, is as follow :

    1. place oats in bowl
    2. grate apple into bowl with oats
    3. cover with juice (orange, apple or cranberry) and let soak overnight
    4. mix with yoghurt
    5. eat!

    There are plenty of variations on this type of bircher muesli. some even put a 50/50 cream/yoghurt mix.