Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas clean-up

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was...well. It was...humm. I wouldn't say it was horrible. But it was pretty close to. I spent Friday night a week ago up till midnight with one the girls who had a stomach bug. I had spent three weeks planning a Christmas party for the next day which had to be cancelled. Then I was in bed with a fever of a 100 or more and a stomach bug for two days. And so it went around and around the family. I've had it twice now, and spent Christmas morning sleeping on the floor at The Man's parents house. I did manage to sit up and watch the girls open their first Christmas presents and eat wrapping paper though and that was fun. The Man and I spent most of the day yesterday trying to catch puke from both the girls. Yep, stomach bugs and twins. Joy. So if you pray at all, please pray that this bug is gone from our family not to be passed around or shared ANY MORE!On a much more cheerful note I heard a lovely idea I idea I thought I would share. Put all your Christmas cards in a stack in the dinning room, and once a week pull one out, read through it as a family and spend that week praying for the people that sent you the card. Maybe even drop them a note as a family and them know you have been thinking of them and praying for them. Well I hope you are recovering from the holidays. Blessings!c


  1. so sorry that you have all been so sick! Stomach virus is hands-down the WORST! Will pray for you all & hope you are all back on your feet for good very soon! And thanks for the Christmas card! It was lovely!

  2. Yuck, we hate the stomach bug especially at Christmas time. Sorry life has been so messy! I hope everyone is well soon.