Monday, January 18, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Prego and baby prep things to be specific ...not saying this stuff is right for you, just saying that they were a blessing to me.
A note on the books and documentaries, though it should probably go without saying, there is nudity in some of them. Some how that just seems to happen when people are being born ;)
  • Eggs: the perfect protein. I've eaten an average of three a day for the whole pregnancy (which is saying a lot since I'm not crazy about them), and have had them every way possible: omelets, french toast, egg drop soup, homemade egg nog, egg custard, hard boiled eggs (dipped in a mixture of salt pepper and dill, think of it as a quick deviled egg), in tuna salad, poached eggs on toast, and most common in my chocolate smoothie.
  • Cottage cheese. 1/4 of a cup is a serving of protein or of dairy. That's hard to beat.
Maternity clothes:
  • This shirt. Can't you tell? It's been in so many pics over the last few months, and it still fits and is comfortable. I think it's because of the gathering on the sides and how long it is.
  • Prego stretch pants. Since it feels like I'm wearing tight clothes even when I have NOTHING on, it's been hard to find pants that I can stand to wear for very long. So I have graduated to the mu-mu...err I mean dress (it just looks like a mu-mu on me!) and stretch pants look.
Miscellaneous stuff:
  • Netflix- perfect for getting those off beat documentaries and nice long chick flicks for all the rest time I need these days
  • Our ipod- this has been great for when I can't sleep at 2am. Often a cd or pod cast will lull me right back to sleep, and if it doesn't then at least I'm entertained and not feeling all crabby about the lack of sleep
  • Belly Balm- has kept me for feeling crazy itchy all through this winter, which is saying a lot as big as I am getting, and it looks like it will last for more that the pregnancy (if it lasts for this twin-mama-belly it should last for you!). The only draw back is that The Man doesn't like the smell of it- it's unscented. I also have hardly any stretch marks, though I can't say I know it was because of the Belly Balm.
And now for a quick belly update: Lord willing I will go this week for an additional ultrasound to check the babies positions. On Saturday the mid-wife thought Baby A was head down and Baby B was head up. I suspect they are both head down today, but there has been a LOT of moving around. I've had a few really bad nights, but overall I'm doing really well and feeling good. I just have less and less energy every couple of days; I'm probably gaining a pound of baby a week now. That's a lot to get used to. I've also started seeing the chiropractor once a week, and it helps SO much. We're getting really close to them being here. The count down has already started in my head...and thankfully I'm almost done with those curtains! LOL c

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