Monday, January 11, 2010

Trying to make the most of the time...

Shew! We are getting close! I've been working hard (as hard as a 7 month prego girl carrying around 9lbs of babies can, which means LOTS of naps and breaks and lots of time spent eating) to get some of the projects I really wanted to finish completed before they come. So it hasn't left much time for blogging or responding to e-mails. But I AM trying to get around to them all. So here is an overall update on the things here.
  • We had a lovely shower earlier this month. Family and friends where so terribly generous towards us. My mum-in-law organized the shower and did such a lovely job. She knew that I didn't like baby shower games and stuff like that, so instead she had everyone fill out index cards with advice for this next phase of life. It makes so much more sense to me to celebrate a birth as the transition to a new phase of life, instead of sniffing foods out of a baby diaper or doing a cross word puzzle, know what I mean? Now I'm slowly trying to work my way through all the thank-you cards I want to write. I really hope to get that done before the girls come, because I'm pretty sure I'll have no brain left for things like that afterwards. Oh and find places for everything to be stored too. Many of the gifts are still out in the car, lol.
  • We had our seven month check-up about a week ago. The girls both look great as far as their growth and measurements-higher than average weight even for a singleton (my mom loves that word-lol). But thankfully not too much higher than average. We did have some disappointing news: our good little girls who have been vertex (head down) for about three month BOTH flipped to head-up! which is not an ideal birthing position, and could mean that I have a c-section instead of a natural birth. I wanted to cry and really almost did; I felt so deflated. But thankfully the mid-wife gave me just the encouraging words I needed and the reassurance that there are things we could do to help flip them back around. I've spent a lot of time reading (btw- I did NOT find it to be a well organized website) which has a lot of helpful information on positions, we did a round of acupuncture involving moxi sticks which has proven to be over 70% effective in turning babies, and I have been asking everyone to pray (including you). Some people find it astounding that I actually want to deliver these girls naturally, and would see a necessary c-section as a blessings of sorts. But to me it's like saying you would rather like saying you would rather have an enema than go to the bathroom. If you need an enema I'm sure they are great, but if you don't, well just go potty for crying out loud!
  • Then there are all my projects. There are always things to be knit, for the babies, myself and a couple of close friends, but those aren't the highest priority right now. The project at the top of the list these days is Roman shades for the house. I'm one of those anal/picky people who doesn't like how a house looks from the outside when all the windows have different bright colored curtains, a rather polka-dotted affect if you ask me, and I also don't like cheep blinds. In addition to all this I don't want to spend a lot of money, because I am cheep! I've always liked the clean look of Roman blinds so after a quick search I found this tutorial on making them. Then I realized if I didn't want to spend some months living a gold fish bowl of uncovered windows I'd have to have these done before the babies came and before the house was done. As soon as we had all our windows purchased I went to this great HUGE local fabric store (if you ever come to see me, and like to sew at all I will completely take you there), where I found some fabric I just loved on sale. And when we took it up to be cut, there were imperfections in the fabric (imperfections I might add that didn't bother me in the least) so they took a dollar a yard off the sale price. We ended up getting well over 30 yards of light weight upholstery fabric, the really wide kind on a big roll, for $55! If you buy Roman shades pre-made one shade can set you back that much. So now I'm in the cutting and sewing process. I grossly under estimated how difficult it would be to cut such large piece of fabric perfectly square (or as close as I could get it to that), and I'm pretty sure that will be the most time consuming part of the project. One other thing we are doing to save money is putting in our flooring later, when we have more money. I plan to paint the sub-floor a dark chocolate brown. But I wanted some sort of rug in the living room, to make it more comfortable, and again didn't want to send a lot of money, so I've been chipping away at this project. Again the most time is spent in the cutting; I even got The Man to help me cut some of the strips. It's coming together rather nicely though I think.
So add to these activities weekend birthing classes, getting The Man off to work in the morning, with some good breakfast in him and lunch in hand, organizing our very small room for when the babies come, taking breaks and watching The Cosby Show and BBC movies, laundry, and church services, and....well you know how it goes, just life, life all the time. And all this time my belly gets bigger and bigger every minute. Praise God for all his blessings! Help me prepare for the days to come.
Blessings! c

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